Premium TD Game Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD Is the Latest App of the Week on MyAppFree

By Glenn Wilson |

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD, the high definition strategy game from developer Artem Kotov, has been selected as the next App of the Week on MyAppFree

That means you’ll be able to download this premium, souped up version of Defense Zone 3 for nothing from the 5th to the 7th of November, saving yourself a tidy $2.99 thanks to this special selection from MyAppFree.

In case you don’t know why you absolutely must take advantage of this offer, just check out the trailer below. As you can see, Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD is a stunning, action-packed title that justifies its premium price in graphics alone. 

Gameplay-wise, this third episode in the popular Defense Zone series sees you once again pushing back waves of attackers by deploying and upgrading a range of powerful turrets. 

The trick is that these turrets not only have different degrees of firepower, but different degrees of range too. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the usual tower defense formula, forcing you to consider multiple variables as you search for the most effective combinations. 

And that’s before you’ve factored in the unique skill that each turret can deploy to devastating effect whenever the conditions are in place for total annihilation. These include everything from air strikes to nuclear bombs. 

Each turret also comes at a cost, meaning you’ll need to manage your military budget, choosing whether to upgrade the towers you have or acquire new ones in order to build the strongest possible fortifications. 

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD is the biggest game in the series, as you’d expect, with eight types of turret, eight special abilities, four levels of difficulty, and a huge array of different maps and landscape variations across all four seasons. 

MyAppFree, meanwhile, is a discovery platform that’s absolutely packed with daily goodies in the form of free apps and games, including hidden gems and curated collections. 

To download Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD for free, and claim your first Stars points, head to MyAppFree between the 5th and the 7th of November.

If you happen to be a developer and wannt to get your app featured on MyAppFree you can reach them here too.

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