Pre-registration open for RWBY: Amity Arena

RWBY: Amity Arena, based around a popular online anime TV series, is coming to iOS and Android – and you can pre-register now.

Should I though?

The answer to that question is whether or not you actually know what RWBY is. Because we imagine many of you don’t.

Basically it’s an animated show that revolves around a bunch of kids training to become hunters in a land of monsters. A setup that sounds like it already belongs in a video-game.

That’s definitely what developer NHN Entertainment have thought anyway, with this spin-off taking a lot of inspiration from Clash Royale – going from the trailer below.

Enter the RWBY: Amity Arena?

So if the above sounds up your alley you can pre-register your interest in RWBY: Amity Arena right here. It’s expected to arrive in Autumn this year.

And if it doesn’t sound up your alley – but you want to watch some RBWY to make absolutely sure it isn’t -you can do that on online streaming service Rooster Teeth here.

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