Pre-Register for IGG’s Mythic Heroes Now for the Chance to Win a MacBook and More

By Glenn Wilson |


Mythic Heroes is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2021.

Developed by IGG, the studio behind international megahit Lords Mobile, Mythic Heroes is an idle-RPG in which you have to summon, equip, and ascend teams of legendary heroes to battle the forces of the Void.

These heroes include Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, Gaia, the Earth Goddess, Dionysus, the god of merriment and laughter, and tons of others. You can mix and match these heroes too, so you’ll finally be able to see Anubis kicking ass alongside Mulan.

Mythic Heroes also contains ten different mythology-soaked settings, from Ancient Greece to Mesopotamia. 

Being an idle game, Mythic Heroes lets you decide your own level of involvement. You can roll up your sleeves and jump into every battle, or you can delegate the hard work to your team while you sit back and reap the rewards. 

Either way, this looks like an intriguing new idle-RPG with slick presentation and an engaging cast of mythological heroes and rogues.

Mythic Heroes is now available in over 80 countries worldwide, with more regions coming soon. If you’re not in one of those lucky regions, you can still nab yourself some valuable loot by pre-registering now.

And we’re not just talking about virtual loot. IGG is offering up a host of awesome prizes for all players. 

You can use the following codes to get a head start too – MH8888 for 20 Summons and MH7777 to get 3000 Diamonds.

And if you don’t win any of those goodies, you’ll still earn a ton of in-game gifts when Mythic Heroes goes live in your region. 

Head to the event page on the official Mythic Heroes page to pre-register now. 

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