Popcap picks up Baking Life developer Zip Zap Play

Proving that Zynga isn’t the only company making acquisitions in the social space, Popcap has announced that it has scooped up Baking Life developer Zip Zap Play.

The San Francisco-based studio has developed several games, but Baking Life is by far its most popular with around 2.3 million monthly active users. With the addition of Zip Zap Play, Popcap expects to release between four and five Facebook games by the end of the year.

“Adding Zip Zap Play’s strong design and development team to our rapidly-growing social games group is a big move for us,” Popcap co-founder Jason Kapalka said. “Zip Zap Play is a great cultural fit: a truly creative company that lives and breathes in this space. And their next game is very innovative and exciting —we believe it has the potential to be a step forward in the evolution of social gaming.”

Unfortunately there’s no details yet on what that next, evolutionary game will be.

In the meantime, Inside Social Games is reporting that Zip Zap’s other game, Happy Habitat, is being shutdown thanks to the acquisition. The game currently has just under 30,000 MAU. No word yet on whether or not Baking Life will suffer a similar fate.

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