Point-and-Click Week, massive farming games sale, and more

By Erin Bell |

It’s Point-and-Click Week at GamersGate so if there are some adventure games missing from your collection now might be a good time to snap them up for 50% to 75% off. If farming is more your thing, Youda Games has put all farm games on its site (from Farm Mania to Farm Frenzy on sale. Keep reading for the complete list of download deals from around the Web.

  • It’s Point-and-Click Week at GamersGate. Get between 50% and 75% off on a dozen different adventure games including Simon the Sorcerer 5, Ceville, Broken Sword and Sam & Max Beyond Time.
  • Summertime is harvest time at Youda Games! Until Aug. 11 all farm games and game packs on the site (including the Farm Mania series, Farm Craft series, all seven Farm Frenzy games, and Youda Farmer) are 25% off by using the coupon code SHtFaRM25 at checkout.
  • Youda Games is also selling Supermarket Mania for 75% off ($4.95) until Aug. 4.
  • Alawar’s weekly Bargain Bin Games (on sale for $1.99 each) are: Zodiac Tower, Pet Show Craze, and Clash’N’Slash – Worlds Away.
  • For a limited time when you buy Vertigo Games’ oil drilling sim The Oil Blue you get a copy of their contest winning arcade game greenTech+ for free. Click here to learn more. The offer ends Aug. 31.
  • Sandlot Games’ free game of the week is Boonka.
  • The puzzle games Musaic Box and Flock! are among the games for sale this week on Impuse. Click here to see all of this week’s sales.
  • All Kalypso games are 50% off on GOG.com until Aug. 2. That includes the Creatures series, Expendable Constructor and Mob Rule.

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