Pocket God comic book now available

Starting today, Pocket God fans now have a little light summer reading to help them pass the time until the next episode of the game arrives on the App Store. Pocket God Comics is now available for 99 cents, and delivers the same brand of mean-spirited hilarity that the game is known for.

Pocket God Comics tells the story of Pocket God from the perspective of the poor Pygmy islanders that gamers love to torture. The Pygmies are immortal, ever resurrected from our godly shenanigans by the gem of life. Some think they’re being punished for the misdeeds of the tribe. Others think the gods torture them for little more than amusement (note to Pygmies: you’re right on the money). And as the story unfolds… well, I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out.

Both the art and the writing are surprisingly top notch in Pocket God Comics. When you hear about a video game getting its own four color homage, you tend to set your expectations pretty low. That’s why we were so pleased to find a solid and adorable art style coupled with funny and charming writing. Like the game, Pocket God Comics is a humour book through and through. Don’t expect nail-biting drama here – just silly characters and even sillier punishments from the gods.

As a comic book nerd myself, I was a little disappointed to find that the app didn’t take advantage of the unique opportunities available to comic books on the iPhone. Some releases, like the THQ/Dark Horse published Star Wars comics, take you through a comic panel-by-panel. Pocket God Comics instead is based in the iVerse comics engine, which presents a full page at once and requires you to zoom and drag to navigate the comic. On the flipside, we were delighted to discover that Pocket God Comics is a universal app, providing native support for both the iPhone and iPad. As far as reading digital comics go, nothing is more comfortable than the iPad – and reading a full page on this larger device feels almost like holding a real comic in your hands.


If digital isn’t your style and you’d prefer to actually hold a real comic in your hands, a print version of Pocket God Comics is being published by Ape Entertainment. Visit your local comic book store to get one, and if they don’t have it, get in on the official Get Pocket God in Your Comic Shop contest!

Pocket God Comics is planned as a four issue mini-series, and if you do go digital, you’ll only need to buy this initial app once. The remaining issues will be made available as in-app purchases. Need something to do while waiting for the next issue to come out? Why not check out the latest episode of the game Pocket God? If you haven’t checked out the game or the comic yet, you can consider each purchase 99 cents well spent.

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