Pluto’s Island Is A Strange Artsy Game That Launches Soon!

Pluto’s Island is almost here! This oddity game is crammed with weirdcore aesthetics and thrilling roguelike gameplay!

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Weirdcore game, Pluto’s Island is set to launch in just 2 days! One person was behind this artsy indie roguelike and spent 3 years perfecting the art of strange. The game is said to be inspired by 90’s RPGs, comics and cartoons. You can decide for yourself if you agree by checking out the game trailer below:

Pluto’s Island

The trailer doesn’t give much away about the game other than it’s strange. We get a glimpse of the main character who stunts black and white. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this choice given that the duller aesthetic stands out against the bizarre and colourful cast and backgrounds. Other than the mesh of 3D characters and 2D sketchy scratch-like illustrations, we also get some funky music to accompany our puny wizard.

The peculiar art isn’t all there is to Pluto Island. Upon release, the game is set to house up to 12 hours of gameplay. During this, you’ll have to traverse the weird world of Pluto’s Island collecting souls for the king of demons, Yaphett. In return for your gifts, the volcano in which you chuck in the souls will increase your power. It’s anyone’s guess why you’re doing all this for a king of demons… Are you a good wizard trying to keep a great evil well-fed at bay? Or are you hoping to return the demon king in all his glory?

As a wizard, you’ll be able to learn spells on your adventure which can be used to strategize in what seems like endless waves of battle. When the heat of conflict has settled, get weird with the NPCs who are just as strange as everything else around here. Chat with them and uncover lore and oddities. Oh, you can also collect TM Cards! As a hoarder, this pleases me greatly.

Check It Out!

First of all, check out who I believe to be the most relatable character from this game, Talking Human.

human lay flat telling the player "leave me alone"

Be sure to wishlist this title so you can get it on launch! For more game details and where to support the DEV, check out the Pluto’s Island Steam page.

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