Playfish quietly launches new Facebook game, My Empire

Playfish has quietly released a new Facebook game, My Empire. My Empire is a tycoon style empire-building game that takes on Roman, Egyptian and sure to be other Ancient Empire themes.

Here is the game description from the game’s fan page:

“The sunlight stings your eyes as you lead a handful of the emperor’s best men and women up the beach onto the island. Your footprints in the hot sands may be washed away at high tide but the mark you stamp on history will be forever.

This is your island now.

Your people march up the beach ready to do your bidding, setting to work building the the rock solid foundations of the finest city the world has ever seen.

The untouched soil is rich with gems and precious metals ready to be mined. Growing numbers of workers flow into your city ready to build the tall and strong buildings which will be the keystones of your colony. Roman baths, amphitheatres and farms will give way to mighty wonders of the world like the Sphinx, the Great Lighthouse and the legendary Pyramids as your tiny village becomes a powerful empire.

The fate of your people is in your hands as you watch your city sprawl with ever more magnificent buildings. The way you set your people to work and even how you tax them to make sure your empire thrives on the fruits of its labor comes down entirely to you as your colony becomes a totally unique city which says as much about you as it does the work of its citizens to make it great.”

It’s extreme beta now (so “beta” there is nothing on the fan page wall) and as of this writing, only 800 fans.

But based on what we have seen so far, this game could evolve into something special. It’s obvious to me that a game for designed around an “Age of Empire” theme could do well on Facebook (in a “why didn’t I think of that myself way”).

Be sure to go to our My Empire game page and follow the game for alerts to be notified for game updates, our reviews, and strategy guides. In the meantime, click here to be among the first to try the game out for yourself and keep in mind the game is very early (work in progress).

Update: In my excitement on finding out about the game, I failed to notice that AOL Blog had the scoop on this game a hour ago. Alas, Gamezebo is all about giving credit where credit is due, so here’s a link to AOL’s coverage on the My Empire game launch with picturesand a link to the video AOL created. Good job AOL Games Blog crew!

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