PlayFirst quietly releases Chocolatier: Sweet Society on Facebook

PlayFirst has quietly released (but not quietly enough for us not to notice) its first Facebook game based on the Chocolatier series, Chocolatier: Sweet Society. Here’s the game’s description according to their fan page:

In Chocolatier: Sweet Society, you create and manage your chocolate shoppe, make delectable chocolates and sell them to your friends and work your way up to building your own chocolate empire!

PlayFirst, a leading developer and publisher of casual games for PC Downloads, the iPhone, and consoles, made its intentions known last year that they planned to expand into Facebook. By picking the Chocolatier franchise instead of Diner Dash as the theme for their first big foray into Facebook, they have chosen wisely. I’m not convinced that Flo and Diner Dash could work on Facebook (though I know a musical man who is bound to prove me wrong) but creating a chocolate empire and sending chocolates to friends through Facebook is a no brainer.

Be first to try out Chocolatier: Sweet Society (it’s brand new and PlayFirst has huge plans to add to it over the next few weeks and months) and go to our game product page to set an alert to be notified of our preview coming out soon.

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