PlayFirst partners with Charles Chocolate to turn virtual items into sweet chocolate

PlayFirst has signed a sweet deal with Charles Chocolates. Now, when you play Chocolatier: Sweet Society on Facebook you can opt to turn your confectionary virtual creations into real pieces of chocolate.

This is significant in two ways. One, this is the first time that a games company has offered gamers the opportunity to turn virtual item creations into real-world items that they can buy and in this case, eat. As Inside Social Games points out, we can expect more of this virtual and real world blurring to happen as companies like Mertado go after this merchandising opportunity.

Two, Charles Chocolates is one of the best artisan chocolate makers hands down I have ever had. If you are ever in San Francisco with kids and need something to do, the Charles Chocolates tour rocks.

And for the 800,000 monthly average users (MAU’s, a metric which in reality a little over-blown) who are playing Chocolatier: Sweet Society who have never had a Charles Chocolate truffle, be extra nice to your fellow gamers so that they will send and gift you chocolate.

PlayFirst experiments with a new revenue stream that fits perfectly with its game theme and Charles Chocolates exposes its local chocolate to millions of users around the globe. It may not end up being a huge deal for both partners, but it sure is sweet.

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