PlayFirst launches Diner Dash on Facebook

And then there were none. Top casual game brands not on Facebook, that is.

PlayFirst has launched Diner Dash on Facebook. Given that Diner Dash has been downloaded over a billion times and is the gold standard and time management games, this is big news indeed.

Casual game developers have launched their games to various success. PopCop has found great success with Bejeweled Twist and Zuma Twist. Other casual game companies, have not faired so well.


The basic premise of Diner Dash on Facebook follows Flo and her continuous battle against the evil Mr. Big. Mr. Big has polluted the DinerTown park forcing most restaurants to close. Players must help Flo take on Mr. Big and use their tips earned in the restaurant to fix the park, allowing other restaurants to be unlocked.

So, how does Diner Dash translate on Facebook? We’re playing the game as we speak and working on our review.

In the meantime, follow the game on Gamezebo for our updates and be first to play Diner Dash on Facebook.

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