PlayFirst announces Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets

By Erin Bell |

PlayFirst has announced the upcoming launch of Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets, a new hidden object game that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the scandalous world of celebrity blogging. The game will be launch for PC and Mac on Dec. 15 at, and other retailers beginning Jan. 15, 2010, for $19.95.

Gotcha puts you in the shoes of Gaby, a green but intrepid celebrity blogger, on a mission to uncover the juiciest gossip and host the hottest blog in town. Unlike other hidden object games, in Gotcha you’ll actually search for people instead of objects as you visit Hollywood hot spots in search of scoops and celebrity dirt for Gaby’s fledgling blog.

Sifting through the crowd at jet set events, players are on the hunt for special informants bursting with potential news. Visiting jam-packed parties, events, and red carpet galas, as Gaby, players unearth the details surrounding celebrity secrets like hush hush nuptials, new nip and tuck surgeries, who is having who’s baby (and what is it named?) and more.

Locating these influential insiders is no easy task, as players need to scour more than 40 crowded scenes throughout town as they dish on the hottest happenings in venues including a night club, airport, charity functions and reality shows. Players will also face unique Tinsel Town challenges as they hunt for gossip, such as navigating past security guards, moving limos and crowd-clogging confetti. And of course, players will need to contend with camera-shy personas who don’t want Gaby digging up their secrets. A collection of all-new mini-games challenge sleuths to piece together clues from informants, leading to salacious stories about the most sought-after personas in the biz.

Gotcha will have players looking for over 1,000 different characters, ranging from crazy and cool, to everything in between, all of which ends up on Gaby’s celebrity blog, which players can customize with an array of styles and upgrades.

"Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets is a larger-than-life spoof on the world of celebrity blogging, that puts a funny, interactive twist on our obsession with these popular sites," said Kenny Shea Dinkin, Chief Creative Officer for PlayFirst. "Because players are searching for people rather than objects, this fresh game offers a new spin on hidden object games and ties perfectly into the fiction of an up-and-coming blogger relying on informants to get ahead. There’s else like it out there." 

Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets is developed with Playground SDK, PlayFirst’s proprietary software development kit that has been used to create more than 20 PlayFirst-published titles to date, including Diner Dash: Hometown Hero, Chocolatier, and Dream Chronicles.

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