Playdom teases new game Galaxy of Wonder

Playdom has been churning out excellent Facebook games on a regular basis lately, with recent hits ranging from ESPN Sports Bar & Grill and NBA Dynasty to Gardens of Time and Deep Realms. While we already know the developer is hard at work on City of Might, that hasn’t stopped Playdom from teasing its next mystery project: Galaxy of Wonder.

The 13 second teaser trailer reveals very little; in fact, we don’t even know what platform the game is coming to or what genre it is. What’s clear, though, is that it definitely has something to do with space. Obviously.

Based on the name it’s possible that Galaxy of Wonder has something to with another Playdom game, the strategy title City of Wonder. So maybe it’s a city building strategy game set in space. Who knows!

Playdom lists the game as “coming soon,” so hopefully we’ll learn more information in the next little while.

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