Playdom launches ESPNU College Town

Playdom has just released a new game on Facebook, ESPNU College Town, in time for the start of school.

The game, though, is less about academics and more about building and designing your very own university campus.

According to the game’s fan page, you:

“Build your own University and recruit the best athletes to challenge your rivals! Construct everything from Dorms & Classrooms to huge Sports Stadiums! Will you be revered for creating the best University, or will you be crushed by the competition?”

This is the first new game Playdom has launched in a while since being bought by Disney, owners of ESPN (ironically, 30 minutes after I noted online I have not seen any new games from Playdom lately).


What’s interesting, however, is that even though ESPN is a sports brand, the game is more a resource management and strategy game than a sports game. You build the stadiums to play sports in, but do not challenge your friends to play football (yet).

What’s also interesting is though you are competing with your friends to create the most rocking university and must build academic buildings to improve school spirit, academics is definitely not a high priority. That’s a bit different than my college experience, but it probably wouldn’t be a fun game is all you got to compete on was academics.

Playdom allows you to tie your university to your actual alma mater and/or school you are attending now. Given how popular social networking and games are on college campuses (Facebook started as a college network site), this is a very clever twist that could lead to big viral numbers. For some reason, I’m very tempted now to spend money to add an angry turtle to my virtual school (which is a hint to what school I went to).

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