Playdom integrates WildTangent’s BrandBoost into Tiki Farm

WildTangent announced today that Playdom’s Facebook game Tiki Farm will integrate WildTangent’s recently-launched BrandBoost advertising platform. Through BrandBoost, TIki Farm players will be able to earn virtual items and other premium content in return for watching ads instead of paying real-world currency.

BrandBoost, which launched last month, is designed to give players a choice about how they access their games. They can either purchase the game up and own it outright (the traditional “pay-to-download” model), or access the content for free in exchange for watching an ad from one of the game’s “sponsors.” For download games, for example, watching an ad unlocks a 24-hour free play session. For subscription-based MMOs, watching an ad unlocks a free 1-day subscription. For free-to-play MMOs, social games and virtual worlds, the ads can unlock virtual items and other premium services.

“BrandBoost offers a new, frictionless option for our players to get access to valuable game items courtesy of trusted brands,” said Sean Phinney, vice president of business development at Playdom. “This means more of our players will be able to experience the benefits and thrill of premium virtual goods while playing play Tiki Farm.”

According to a statement released by WildTangent this morning, the ad-supported option offered by BrandBoost supports a recently released Nielsen survey which said that more than 85% of gamers would prefer not to pay for their digital games content.

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