Playdek launches Kickstarter campaign to bring Matsuno’s Unsung Story to PC and Mac

By Joe Jasko |

There’s no question that Yasumi Matsuno has become one of the most prominent names in the genre of RPG tactics games at large, with his past work designing such iconic titles as Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. So when Matsuno teamed up with renowned mobile publisher Playdek for a brand new game experience, well you can bet your sweet tactics that gamers were more than a little excited!

In fact, the overwhelming fan response that followed the announcement of Matsuno and Pladek’s first game together, Unsung Story, has prompted the team to turn to Kickstarter today for additional crowdfunding support, with the primary goal being to raise the $600,000 needed to bring the game to PC and Mac platforms in 2015.


In addition , Playdek and Matsuno have also established some stretch goals beyond the initial $600,000, which would allow them to bring the game to even more platforms like the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Other stretch goals hope to expand the creative design team to include composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and translators Alexander Smith and Joseph Reeder.

Unsung Story takes players into the breathtaking fantasy realm of Rasfalia, which is teeming with just as many wizards and creatures as it is with hidden secrets to uncover and forgotten legends to learn. While the game is currently set for release at some point in 2015, the new Kickstarter campaign has just gone live today, which you can view and donate to by clicking right over here.

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