Play 21 is a Blackjack + Solitaire Mashup That Lets You Win Cash Prizes

By Glenn Wilson |


What do you get if you cross blackjack with solitaire? Under normal circumstances, you get removed from the casino and banned for life. But thanks to the efforts of developer HexiGames, you also get Play 21.

This innovative new app combines two classic card games to create an entirely new one, and then lets you win real cash by playing it. 

The rules are simple. Playing head-to-head with other players against the clock, you need to sort dealt cards into four stacks. 

The aim is to either create stacks that add up to 21, or lay five cards in a stack without busting. If you manage to do either of those things, that stack will vanish and you’ll bank some sweet, sweet points.

If you bust twice in each lane, however, it’s game over. Likewise when the three-minute timer runs down to zero you need to step away from the table because you’re done. The player with the most points at the end of a round wins HexiCoins or cash prizes.

Stick or twist?

Playing with HexiCoins is risk-free, making them perfect for practising with. Plus, they allow you to enjoy Play 21 in the handful of states that don’t allow cash gaming, such as AR, AZ, DE, FL, IN, LA, ME, MI, MT, SC, SD, and TN.

Entry fees for cash games, meanwhile, start at $0.60, while High Roller matches can see you pocketing as much as $100. 

There are other ways to earn money besides winning, of course. Every time you recommend Play 21 to a friend and they download it, you’ll earn $1, and with every session you’ll earn skill points, which you can exchange for bonus cash. 

And once you’ve got a bankroll going, it’s a doddle to withdraw your cash. You deposit through PayPal and cash out via Zelle, allowing you to get hold of your winnings on the day you request them. 

Head on over to the App Store to download Play 21 on your iOS device, or get it on Android here.

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