Plants vs Zombies and Peggle may be coming to Facebook

In news that should surprise no one, but is nonetheless exciting, rumors are swirling that Popcap will be bringing two more of its popular franchises to Facebook: Plants vs Zombies and Peggle.

Hot of the heels of Popcap’s recent acquisition by EA, the clever folks at spotted a presentation slide about Facebook games that mentions PvZ and Peggle alongside upcoming EA social games Risk Factions and The Sims Social. “Future outlook is strong with top IP from both EA and Popcap to come,” reads the slide, right next to the logos for PvZ and Peggle.

The news shouldn’t be surprising, of course, as Popcap has already managed to release excellent renditions of both Bejeweled and Zuma on Facebook. PvZ, meanwhile, has already gone social with a release on the Chinese social network Renren.

So even though this isn’t an official confirmation of Peggle Blitz, chances are we’ll be seeing more zombies and unicorns on Facebook at some point in the future.

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