Plant Nanny 2 Uses Gamification to Help You Drink More Water

By Glenn Wilson |


Be honest: you don’t drink enough water. Most of us don’t, even though it’s by far the simplest and most effective thing we can do on a daily basis to improve our health and wellbeing. 

Water keeps weight off, maintains healthy kidneys, reduces blood pressure, helps you avoid constipation, and generally makes you look and feel about fifty times better. 

And yet you neglect it. Fortunately, Plant Nanny 2 is here to keep you on the straight and narrow. 

Developed by Fourdesire, Plant Nanny 2 was among Google’s Best Apps of 2019. It works by turning hydration into a kind of game, with rewards for keeping up with your recommended intake of water.

Plant Nanny 2 entrusts you with the care of a plant, which you have to water regularly. And when you water your plant, you’re supposed to water yourself as well. Your plant needs a certain amount of water each day, and so do you. Keep the water flowing and you’ll both thrive. 

The app tells you how much to drink based on your activity level and other physical data such as your height and weight. It even lets you choose between millileters and ounces, to cater for both sides of the metric debate. 

Throughout the day you’ll get notifications reminding you to guzzle some H2O. The idea is to take a drink, and then give your plant a drink, by holding down on a virtual button. 

Your reward is good health and a cute, happy, flourishing plant. 

As long as you stay on top of your waterings your flower will level-up and you’ll earn seeds to spend on new flowers. You’ll also be able to buy an exciting range of pots, and unlock a menagerie of animals. 

And you can share your progress at any time, giving Plant Nanny 2 an extra element of encouragement. Showing your friends and followers how good you’ve been is excellent motivation to be even better. 

You can download Plant Nanny 2 for free right now, and if you use the exclusive coupon GZBONUS at this site and register within 14 days you’ll also get 50 seeds to get you started.

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