Perseus 230 could be the hand to scratch our Star Fox itch

Let’s face it: Star Fox should have stayed in his cockpit. His initial two titles pushed the technological limits for what home consoles could pump out for players to experience, but after that Nintendo decided to make the Star Fox games a blend of on-rails shooting and a third-person action adventure. Personally it never sat right with me. The Nintendo DS’s Star Fox Command did see the return of pure on-rails gameplay, but the game itself felt (and looked) like a game that should have come out between the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 releases rather than in 2006. People enjoyed it, but it wasn’t really a step forward for the franchise.

With no new Star Fox game in sight, fans of the series are left twiddling their thumbs. Fortunately, a game by the name of Perseus 230 is shaping up to be just the game to tide us all over until the next iteration of Star Fox is released.

Perseus 230 is currently in development for the PC and Mac, with potentially more options available down the road. Featuring slick cell shaded visuals alongside fluid controls and the sort of presentation I’d expect from an actual Nintendo game. After spending some time with a pre-Alpha build of Perseus 230, thegame has me seriously excited.

Perseus 230 is set to include both a fully fleshed-out single player campaign, as well as local multiplayer support for up to two other players. While it is not confirmed, I have a feeling that the three characters that were revealed on the game’s Kickstarter campaign page will be the three characters players will control during their single-player and multiplayer experiences.

The developers are keen on making the game challenging for newcomers to the genre as well as veterans, and are planning on including branching paths through the game’s levels that allow more skilled players to engage in more challenging situations.


“At the heart of all Rails Shooters is the automatic level navigation,” the developer explains on Perseus 230’s Kickstarter campaign page. “We’ve added a twist by allowing the user to choose, through an act of skill (e.g. a timed Barrel Roll) to go down special routes. We think this mechanic opens up a huge design space which we are eager to explore!”

Once the game is completed, the developers revealed plans to open Perseus 230 up to modders, as well as continuing to add in new content themselves.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Perseus 230, and give the game a vote on Steam Greenlight if it’s something you’d like to see on Steam.

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