People play mobile games at home and in bed, but not the bathroom

People like to play mobile games. . . in bed. That, according to a recent survey by MocoSpace. In response to the question, “Where u play?” (clever mobile text slang but oh so grammatically incorrect), 96% of 15,000 respondents answered in the home and 53% of those responded in bed.

The common assumption is that people play games on their phone on-the-go. But, only 83% responding “waiting for an appointment” and 72% said “on commute by train, bus, or car.” When mobile games were biggest in Europe and Japan, where people do take the train and bus it would make sense that mobile gaming would be on-the-go. But, now that the iPhone and Android have made mobile gaming America’s number one pastime, it does make sense that less people are playing games while commuting, since Americans like to drive by themselves to work in big SUVs, and playing while driving is probably too dangerous.

Interestingly, 25% said they play mobile games while at the gym, meaning that they are not really giving 100% in their workouts.

And only 5% of respondents who said they play games at home, said they play games in the bathroom.

This is absolutely not true. This is an example of survey results probably being skewed by the fact that most people who play mobile games at home are embarrassed to admit they are doing so while in the bathroom, even if the survey was anonymous.

In my humble opinion, I think this bathroom number is probably much higher, but we’re too embarrassed to do a survey about this ourselves.

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