Passpartout is an art adventure that’s out now for iOS and Android

Have you ever wanted to become an artist? How about a French artist? I mean for some people that’s basically going to be impossible, which is why it’s such good news that Passpartout: The Starving Artist has landed on iOS and Android.

It’s a game that blends together a number of different ideas, from actually painting your own masterpieces (sort 0f), to balancing the budget that you’ve got to spend on art supplies, and baguettes. And you need to attract the attention of a higher class of artist and gallery with your pictures.

There’s plenty more going on as well, including a puppet theatre, and a soundtrack from Sykronosaurus. And you have to battle subjectivity and keep your try and keep your integrity. Wow, that’s an awful lot to try and keep in your head. While painting.

Anyway, if you fancy picking up Passpartout: The Starving Artist you can do it right now. Click here to grab it for the App Store, and click here to grab it for the Google Play Store.

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