Passion Puzzle Is One Of The Most Unique Dating Sims On Mobile

By Glenn Wilson |


Games like Candy Crush, Toon Blast, and Bejeweled Blitz are undeniably fun, but there’s one thing they all lack: the thrill of romantic conquest.

That’s where Passion Puzzle comes in. This latest genre-mashing dating sim from BadBoyApps gives you a masterclass in matching not only with colored tiles, but with physically attractive human beings too. It offers up a hugely interesting twist on the standard dating sim formula.

As you’d expect, there’s a story. You play as a hunky dude on holiday in a coastal city. Happily, this city is populated with attractive women who are not averse to being seduced.

Throughout your adventure you’ll meet new women, unlock new places in which to chat them up, and gradually turn yourself into a seducing machine through a wealth of upgrades.

While it might look decadent on the surface, Passion Puzzle is actually an incredibly deep game that rewards patience, persistence, and romantic intuition. You’ll need to use your energy wisely and choose the right things to say if you want to go on dates.

And without going on dates you’ll never meet your true love. Will it be sweet, kind Mary, or will it be the kinky Mika? Will you end up with the gorgeous and naive Emilia, or the unstoppable Lola? It’s all quite romantic really. It makes it one of the most engrossing dating sims for mobile.

Love is in the air

Passion Puzzle is for you if you’re a fan of dating sims, obviously, but it’s also a solid match-three puzzle game, with a deep upgrade system and a huge number of boosts to deploy. If you like a good puzzler, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

But, let’s face it, you also need to enjoy a bit of harmless flirtation with exotic women from around the world. Passion Puzzle does exactly what a dating sim is supposed to do: it lets you glimpse the life of an irresistible playboy on holiday.

It’ll possibly change your opinion on virtual dating sims too as it offers such an intoxicating blend of puzzle and, er, passion.

Whatever you’re in it for, you can download Passion Puzzle for free right now on Google Play and the App Store. Find more about BadBoyApps here too.

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