Party on in San Francisco, Apple Game Developers

As we’ve reported, it’s WWDC this week in San Francisco, Apple’s yearly conference to share all that’s cool and new in their upcoming releases.

I RSVP’ed for a couple cool parties over the past week but sadly, I have not been able to attend. Here’s my shout out to all the purveyors of parties I am missing (but you don’t have to).

Tonight is The Starcraft II Developer Showdown, sponsored by Crowdmob and PocketGems. You can win cool headsets, games, but really, its all about bragging rights with your fellow gamers. You can RSVP on the site above.

Last night, our friends at Pocket Gamer and the iPhone Alliance threw a cool party last night with Free App of the Day to announce the launch of their new iOS Magazine, Swipe. The party was yesterday but you can check out Swipe today.


Next year, we’ll ante up and actually attend the parties instead of write about them!

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