Papa Sangre II is bringing the scares this Halloween

Just in time for Halloween this year, Somethin Else has officially announced the release of Papa Sangre II, a follow-up to their incredibly unique audio horror game Papa Sangre that gave new meaning to the haunting bumps and thumps that we hear in the night.

Told entirely through the use of sound, Papa Sangre II begins once you, yourself, are already dead. That’s right, as the game’s description tells us: “There is no App Store, there is no iPhone and there is no game called Papa Sangre.” However, death for you is only the start of your harrowing journey, as you’ll need to hunt for memories from the other deceased in order to propel yourself back to the side of the living.

All in all, Papa Sangre II is set to feature 18 levels of pure “audio only” horror survival, all centered around the chilling Museum of Memories. You will flee from monsters, avoid traps, and even shoot some ducks – all by only using your ears!

But now it’s time to tell you about the greatest new feature of Papa Sangre II: the fact that you’ll be guided throughout your entire adventure by a narrator played by Sean Bean of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fame. I guess it’s kind of a comforting thought to have Ned Stark himself keep you company through your blind descent into this dark and maddening world.


The first Papa Sangre game received a perfect score from us when the original auditory horror adventure was released way back in 2010, and so we couldn’t be more excited for another frightening trip through the dark recesses of our own (dead) minds. And for another extra dosage of scares, you can head on over to the official Papa Sangre website, where a short (but terrifying) announcement trailer will await you in the shadows.

Papa Sangre II will be available for iOS devices this October.

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