OUYA honors ship date, mails out 1,200 developer consoles

Good news, OUYA fans! The Android-based console and Kickstarter darling looks to be right on track. 1,200 developer consoles have just shipped, meaning its creators have honored the release window that was laid out in the original campaign. In the midst of all these Kickstarter fears and concerns, it’s nice to see a product that’s coming along without any sort of visible snags or delays.

Certain features are expected to change in the final product, but the developer consoles give us a pretty decent glimpse into what OUYA adopters can expect when the consumer version of the console launches between now and March of next year:

As is stated in the video, forthcoming iterations of the console will lose the transparent outer casing, and the d-pad, shoulder buttons, and other controller features will be altered as well. It would have been nice to see a game being played, but I suspect videos of that nature will crop up in the months ahead.

Awesome though it is to see that the OUYA is on track, there’s still plenty of reason to harbor concerns about the console. As with every new platform, developer support will make or break it. There appears to be a sort of cautious optimism amongst indie developers, so depending on how the first few months treat the OUYA, there’s a decent chance we’ll see more and more developers porting their wares or possibly even developing games exclusively for it.

But, considering the current state of the industry, one thing’s for certain: to completely count out the OUYA would be a huge mistake.

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