Outernauts now available on Kongregate

Kaboom! Outernauts has broken free of Facebook. Fans will be happy to know that they can now access Insomniac Games’ popular flash-based MMORPG on Kongregate.

Outernauts was born on Facebook in July, and you’ll still have the option to access the game there. Still, options are nice, and Kongregate is a decent choice for a gateway since Outernauts is tailored to attract players that might feel fenced in by the social requirements that most Facebook-based MMORPGs foist upon players.

Outernauts has proven popular among core players looking for a deeper gameplay experience, which is why it makes so much sense for us to expand our universe onto Kongregate,” Insomniac’s chief creative officier Brian Hastings stated in a press release. “With a greater emphasis on key core gameplay features, along with hundreds of new beasts to tame and fresh content generated weekly, we believe Outernauts will strike a chord with Kongregate’s discerning players.”

In addition to Kongregate launch, the Outernauts team has unveiled a few major changes for the game, promising will reduce energy requirements, remove pop-ups, and eliminate friend gates.  They’ve also introduced beast customization through a new “crystals” system, and co-op dungeons that you’ll be able to play through with friends.


“Insomniac Games has a history of creating deep, story-driven worlds with addictive gameplay and memorable characters,” added Jim Greer, Kongregate’s CEO and co-founder. “Outernauts offers a new array of PvP features and alliances that Kongregate’s 15 million unique hardcore gamers will thoroughly enjoy.”

We were big fans of Outernauts when it launched back in July, and the changes Insomniac has announced should only sweeten the deal.  Wondering if you want to jump in now that it’s on Kongregate? Be sure to read our five-star review to find out why you should!

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