Older people pay, younger people play social games

In a study where the results should be a forgone conclusion, Mocospace unveiled the results of the latest survey on just who is playing and paying to play social games.

And the answer is . . . pretty obvious. More young people are playing social games, with 25- 35 group spending the most time playing social games.

We don’t care about those freeloaders! Who is paying for virtual items in social games? The answer is, older people. 50% of players 35 – 50 and 70% of all gamers 45 and older have bought virtual goods in social games, compared to only 10% of 18 – 25 year olds who have ever bought a virtual item in a game.

This is an obvious result, since older people have more disposable income than youngsters. But here’s another theory.

The numbers for older gamers may be inflated because kids 18 years and younger are using their parents and/or grandparents credit cards and accounts to pay for virtual items when they play social games.

Note to Mocospace: In the next version of survey, ask some questions around this little theory of mine.

Source and pretty infographics: Games.com Blog

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