Notch of Minecraft fame remains unhappy with Windows 8

By Mike Bellmore |

Most people who play Minecraft more than they should are familiar with the name Notch. This is the handle of the game’s creator, Markus Persson. Notch is one of the more notable faces of PC game development.  This is in part because of the meteoric rise of his hit game, Minecraft. It’s also because he’s outspoken and has a personality. These qualities result in Twitter posts like this:


Notch is clearly not happy with Microsoft and their decision to restructure Windows as a closed platform. Though Windows 8 will be far from closed, if developers wish to have their programs featured on the Windows Store, they must first pass certification.

Venturebeat’s John Koetsier says developers are afraid this could lead to a PC that works more like an iPad than what you have sitting in your computer room right now.  Like the Windows Store, everything on the Appstore must first be certified by Apple, and as the only way to get a program on your iPhone is by downloading it through the Appstore, that means Apple has a pretty tight grip over what you can download and what you can’t. This is what developer’s like Notch are afraid of, and if you like being able to use your computer the way you want to, then you should be a tad worried about the Windows Store and Windows 8 too. Just saying.

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