Devs Behind Ori and the Blind Forest Announce New Action RPG, No Rest for the Wicked

Moon Studios redefines RPGs with No Rest for the Wicked – Chaos, drama, precision combat, and breathtaking landscapes.

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Hold onto your hats, gaming fam, because Moon Studios is dropping the mic with their latest masterpiece – No Rest for the Wicked, an Action RPG that’s about to redefine the whole genre. And trust me, this ain’t your grandma’s RPG; it’s got more twists and turns than a rollercoaster.

Chaos And Drama

Picture this: It’s 841, and the big boss, King Harol, kicks the bucket. Cue dramatic music. Now, his cocky son Magnus is in charge, and to make matters worse, the Pestilence is back, and it’s like a thousand-year-old plague party, corrupting everything in its path. Madrigal Seline, a church big shot, sees this mess as her golden ticket to godly stardom. Things are going down in Isola Sacra, where rebels and the government are duking it out in a post-apocalyptic rave.

But fear not, gamers, because you’re not just any hero – you’re a Cerim, a mystical warrior with powers that’ll make Thor jealous. Your mission? Wipe out the Pestilence like a boss. Easy, right? Well, not so much, because you’ll be knee-deep in political drama and the people’s struggles. It’s like trying to save a kingdom while juggling flaming swords. Chaos, my friends, chaos!

Great Combat. Even Better Location

Now, let’s talk features. Combat is no joke – it’s all about precision and strategy. You’ll be facing creepy creatures, enemy soldiers, and bosses that’ll make you question your life choices. Customize your weapons, craft killer armor, and build a character that suits your playstyle – it’s like RPG fashion week.

And the world? It’s not just a backdrop; it’s a masterpiece. Moon Studios painted a world so detailed and gorgeous that you’ll want to live there. Explore the Lowland Meadows or the Nameless Pass – each spot has its own vibe, problems, and secrets. It’s like a vacation with a side of epic quests.

Fighting Is Not Always Fun

Need a breather? Head to Sacrament, the town where you can own property, fish, farm, cook, and basically be the boss. And if you’re feeling social, grab up to three friends for some online co-op action. Save the world together or go rogue – the choice is yours.

In a nutshell, No Rest for the Wicked isn’t just a game; it’s an experience. And talking about quality experience, a VR survival game Bootstrap Island is also coming very soon.

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