Nintendo is experimenting with Android-based tablet for educational games

Ever since mobile gaming has been on the rise, there is one thing that dedicated gamers always seem to be clamoring about, and with good reason: the want of a full-fledged Nintendo game like Mario or Pokémon on their tablet or smartphone. Of course, Nintendo has always stood firm in their message that something like this would never be a reality. But now it looks like Nintendo might actually be making their first baby steps into the world of mobile: although not in the way that most Nintendo fans might have expected.

In a series of tweets that were sent out earlier this week, Nintendo software engineer Nando Monterazo has revealed that the Big N might be working on a line of tablet devices for use in schools to play educational games. Monterazo also went on to clarify a few of the finer details about this announcement in the same batch of tweets, stating that the experimental Nintendo tablet will be powered by Android, and that the primary educational games will be featuring recognizable Nintendo characters.


Unfortunately, Monterazo also confirmed that we wouldn’t be seeing any NES, SNES, or Game Boy games cropping up on the tablet at any time, and reemphasized the fact that the new device will strictly be for educational purposes only. Nintendo has been pretty adamant in the past that we would never see officially licensed Nintendo games on any mobile platform, but then again, they were also extremely hesitant to embrace the world of online gaming once upon a time, and look how that turned out for them lately.

Do you think this new educational Android-based tablet will be a precursor for Nintendo to start experimenting with the prospects of more console-quality mobile game development in the future? Can you imagine getting help from Mario or Link in the classroom? I personally think it will be called the NinTablet U. Weigh in with your own thoughts down in the replies!

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