Nimblebit’s next game a fantasy-filled departure from their usual

If you own an iDevice of any sort, there’s very little chance you haven’t played a Nimblebit game. The three-man indie studio founded by brothers Ian and David Marsh is responsible for some of the most endearing free-to-play experiences around, including Pocket Frogs, Tiny Tower and the recent Pocket Planes. Well, folks, hold on tight to your wallets, because details of the next title have begun to eek out, and it looks adorable. 

Thanks to some snooping by the folks over at strategy-centric site Pocket Tactics, we’ve obtained a sprite sheet from the world of Nimblebit’s latest. Posted on the Something Awful forums by Ian Marsh, the image depicts a roster of fantastical 16-bit characters that include a wizard, a knight, a possessed forest sprite, a ninja, and a musket-wielding pirate. Its filename is “heroes.png,” and it points to a fantasy RPG setting filled with the company’s trademark sense of customization. 


Titillated, we reached out to David Marsh for comment. As to revealing more formal screenshots and game details? “Not yet I don’t think.” He, was, however, willing to say that this latest title is “going to be a departure from our most recent games.” This corroborates information I received from him last year at the San Francisco Game Developer’s Conference, where he said that the trio’s recent Pocket Planes would be their swan song for the world of the adorable, wacky bitizens. Were I to guess – as sadly, that’s all I can do at this stage – I’d say we’re headed for Nimblebit’s most “gamey” title yet. A definite departure from the time management genre steeped in a more concrete narrative, and filled with player-driven creativity. 

Regardless, however, the company’s track record for quality and respect for players’ wallets has us excited at the prospect of something more complex and involved. Be sure to stay tuned to this space for more news, official previews, and an eventual review of whatever Nimblebit has coming down the pipes. 

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