ngmoco’s Skyfall enters public beta

When it comes to Android games to look forward to in 2012, few have seemed to have as much potential as ngmoco’s freemium RPG Skyfall. The game entered closed beta a while ago, but no word was ever given on when it would move into a more public beta. As it turns out, it’ll be doing so right… NOW!

As of mere moments ago, Skyfall has become available on the Android Market as an open beta. That means everyone is welcome to jump in, but the development team are advising that “your experience may evolve as we fine-tune the game.”

So what can you expect in Skyfall? I suppose you could always read our preview to find out! Not verbose enough for you? Why not read our interview with the game’s executive producer Chris Plummer? Just want to stop reading this sentence so you can go and play it for yourself? Then click here to snag the game on the Android Market!

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