Next hot social game DialVille debuts for landline phones

The freemium social networking MMO DialVille launched today on the hottest new gaming platform of 2011: landline telephones. In less than 24 hours of its launch, DialVille has already surpassed 2.6 billion users – more than any other social game in existence.

“Everyone has a landline phone so it’s the perfect platform to develop games for,” said Isaac Eastmount, Lead Game Designer of DialVille and other hit landline phone titles such as CallVille, Voicemail Wars, Conference Call Mania, and Phone Tap Tap Revenge.

A large part of DialVille‘s enormous success is because the landline phone is an inherently social platform. Using auto-dialers and call centers, DialVille telemarketers are able to reach millions of potential players every day with recorded messages inviting players to give the game a try. The 3-hour recorded message plays back the DialVille sales pitch in every known human language, which gives the game an incredible global reach. Literally everyone on earth with a landline phone is the next potential DialVille player.

Developers aren’t the only ones flocking to the platform. Hardware manufacturers are also jumping on the bandwagon and bringing out the first generation of Tablet Landline Phones with multi-touch interface. The premium landline phone gaming tablet, the LandRover, retails for $999.99 for the base + 1 handset (extra handsets $349.99 each), and comes pre-installed with DialVille.

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