New World of Tanks update adds competitive Team Battle mode

By Joe Jasko |

Ready your war machines, Private, because Wargaming’s World of Tanks is getting a new content update in the near future: and this one’s gonna be a doozy. The highly anticipated Update 8.9 will be introducing a brand new game mode into World of Tanks called Team Battle, which is gearing up to bring a whole new competitive side to the popular tank MMO. Much like the game’s beloved Tank Companies scenario, the new Team Battle mode will let players choose between joining a pre-existing team and creating their own before heading off into the thick of the battle.

Each of the standard PvP battles will last up to 10 minutes’ time, as each 7-player team faces off against their opponents in a battle of wits and artillery (teams of 5 to 6 players will also be allowed to participate, although short-ended teams will be deducted 1 point for each absent member below the maximum of 7). The use of smaller teams in the Team Battle mode are said to bring a whole new dynamic for strategic maneuvers, and Wargaming says the key feature about the upcoming game mode is that all battle matchups will be made entirely dependent on a team’s own level of skill. This allows Team Battle to be easily accessible to both beginner and veteran World of Tanks players around the world.


In addition to the exciting new Team Battle game mode, the 8.9 update to World of Tanks will also introduce a brand new line of German Tank Destroyers into the fold, not to mention a new North American battle arena and Encounter battle mode for the Erlenberg. Ranging from Tier 4 to Tier 10 vehicles, the additional line of tanks will encompass everything from the Marder III and the Soviet Y-34, to the Nashorn and Waffentrager auf Pz.IV. So in other words, there’s going to be a lot of explosive new ways for you to blow those opposing teams straight off of the battlefield!

The free 8.9 update to World of Tanks that will usher in these new additions to the game is said to be arriving sometime soon.

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