New update brings teenagers to The Sims FreePlay

In what Electronic Arts calls “the most requested feature” of The Sims FreePlay, a new “Teen” update has just gone live for the popular life simulation game that introduces teenagers into your virtual families.

The Sims FreePlay new “Teen” update will allow players to grow their Sims children into teenagers for the very first time, and let them partake in a number of real world teenage scenarios. The game’s little green alien character Osiris will use his supernatural abilities to morph your preteen characters into full-fledged teenagers, which is exactly how I entered my own teen years in real life as well.

From going on a date in the park and sharing their first kiss, to attending Sim Town High and getting straight A’s, to starting their own band and becoming a famous Teen Idol, you’ll be able to teach your teenage Sims and help them grow into unique and aspiring individuals that you can surely be proud of in your golden Sim grandparent days.


And as an extra little bonus just in time for Halloween, the “Teen” update also brings six new ghosts to Sim Town, and players who manage to collect them all before October 31 can win some fright-filled bonus items and costumes for their Sims.

The new “Teen” update to The Sims FreePlay is currently live on both iOS and Android versions of the game.

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