New Toy Story game coming soon to mobile

Buzz Lightyear, being the enigmatic space ranger he is, has just informed Disney Interactive via transmission that a new Toy Story game is arriving soon on mobile devices. He opted to go the mysterious route and not divulge any concrete details about said game, but he was kind enough to send along a screenshot. 

I’m not going to pretend that I’m 100% certain of what this game will be, but the aforementioned screenshot (shown below) offers some pretty direct hints. Buzz is throwing the beloved Luxo Ball at what appear to be several towers constructed of toys, and if the alien meter on the side is anything to go by, it seems the objective here is to knock down every alien in the level. Furthermore, he only has three balls to do so.


The best way to describe the game, assuming the image above is truly representative of what to expect, is an Angry Birds-esque physics puzzler set in the beloved world of Toy Story. But Disney Interactive’s blog states the game will be “launching soon,” and so we’ll likely have more details for you shortly. For example, maybe there will be more characters than just Buzz Lightyear in the game, or additional projectiles beyond just the Luxo Ball. The sky’s the limit!

Until then, we recommend reading all of the Toy Story 4 rumors that have been cropping up on the Internet today. It’s what Buzz would want.

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