New iOS Games Tonight: Threes!, Naughty Kitties and more!

Unless you like to play your favorite mobile games while running on a treadmill, the odds are that your fingers are going to be the only things working to aid in your various quests to save the human race from all sorts of bad guys. So in that case, you’d better get those pinkies and pointer fingers in tip-top shape before tonight, because there’s going to be oh so much world-saving action to perform right at those very fingertips.

Most of tonight’s new iOS releases are all about the action side of gaming: from dodging colorful blocks at warp speeds, to saving the world with a fleet of triangular spaceships, to commanding some heavily-armed kitties on a few deadly spaceships of their own. So now that you know exactly where all of the action is going down tonight, it’s time to get those fingers moving on your keyboard and let us know which games you’re most excited for in the comments section below!


Threes! – It’s often said that good things come in threes, and so by using that logic, it would already seem that Sirvo LLC’s aptly-named Threes! is going to be greater than we’d ever imagined. What begins as a simple puzzle game about adding up different numbers (add 3 and 3 together to make 6, and then bring another 6 into the party to make 12) will quickly ramp up in difficulty as the basic concept becomes more complex. But after all, what else would you expect from a game whose elegant illustrations are made by the same talented artist who brought life to games like Hundreds and Ridiculous Fishing? Keep your eye on this one tonight, folks – we have a feeling it might just become your next mobile obsession!


Naughty Kitties – If you really think about it, aren’t all kitties inherently naughty to some degree? My girlfriend’s sister just got a new kitten named Jax, and the little guy loves nothing more than running to random rooms as fast as he can, knocking over plants, and attacking the hell out of the other, overly obese cat in the house. But that’s neither here nor there. Naughty Kitties from Coconut Island takes the devious nature of kittens and gives them high-powered weapons and gunships to play with. It’s also the first aerial tower defense and endless runner hybrid game that I’ve ever heard of, and that’s without even mentioning the confused alpaca named Chou-chou who for some reason believes he’s a cat, and joins the ferocious felines on the frontlines.

Galcon Legends – Where have you been all day? Don’t you know the universe is in danger?! You’ll get to see just how bad things have gotten for us little old humans when you fire up Galcon Legends from Hassey Enterprises. As Buck the Bill Collector, it’s your job to send hundreds of attack ships out across the vastness of space to vanquish the enemy planets, and take on an adversary so sinister that we can only refer to it as the “Slug Princess.” The game seems to offer a nice blend of arcade-style gameplay and a quirky storyline, as Buck might be the only intergalactic hero I know who aims to save the world with his trusty banjo and swarms of spaceships – but mostly the spaceships.

Avoid – Sensory Overload – In many ways, NuOxygen’s Avoid – Sensory Overload looks like a loud and vibrant cross between a front-facing Gradius and an “impossible” experience like Boson X or Impossible Road. But make no mistake about it: the flashing colors and high-speed obstacles and block formations are sure to put your skills to the ultimate test. Another cool feature about the game is that the different graphical styles of Avoid are directly linked to certain musical genres, like Electronic, SynthRock, and of course my personal favorite music genre, LaserDance. Because after all, who doesn’t like to jam out to some sweet LaserDance tunes while dying over and over and over again?

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