New iOS Games Tonight: Star Command, Angry Birds Friends and more!

Do you think the days go by more slowly when you’re floating out in space? I can’t say I know the answer to that one for sure, but luckily for all of us still here on the ground it’s Wednesday night once again, and that means another round of Gamezebo’s New iOS Games Tonight feature!

So whether you dream of managing your very own space vessel, hacking and slashing your way through an infinite dungeon, or even just flinging a few familiar birds with some of your friends, then you’ll be sure to find something to meet your every gaming need this week! Or if you’re really feeling ambitious, you could always try to hack and slash some birds in an infinite dungeon on a space station, but we don’t fully endorse that option.


Star Command – Considering how we first previewed this game on Gamezebo way back in April of 2011, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the sci-fi starship simulation game from Warballoon Studios has been a long time coming. In addition to creating your very own space vessel for any purpose you can imagine (from scientific research to intergalactic trading), Star Command will also find players managing their different crew members and engaging in real-time encounters with opposing space adversaries.


Angry Birds Friends – Given their usually hot-headed tempers, I’m actually a little surprised that the Angry Birds were able to make some friends outside of their foul-feathered flock! Angry Birds Friends will reportedly borrow a number of social elements from the Facebook version of the game, and combine them with the trademark touchscreen controls of the mobile Angry Birds we all know so well. But regardless of how this “friendlier” take on the popular physics series will translate onto mobile devices, something still tells me that very few piggies will be feeling all of the social love on this one.


Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! – Loosely based on Steve Jackson’s four-part gamebook series from the early 80’s, Sorcery! promises to be a massive narrative adventure, containing dozens of gorgeous locations to explore, and a thrilling story and innovative combat system that changes based on your decisions in the game. The first part of the story, entitled “The Shamuntanti Hills,” will be debuting tonight, while the second installment is currently planned for a release at some point over the summer.


Dark Avenger – Nothing beats a good old dungeon crawler game, and when that game just so happens to come with words like “hack-n-slash” and “immortality” in its description page, well then you already know that it’s going to be a good one. Dark Avenger is a dark and action-filled RPG adventure that’s not too far off from games like Diablo, and with intuitive touchscreen controls and real-time PVP battles, you can be sure to get your dungeon crawling fix as you travel up the devious Tower of Eternity.

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