New iOS Games Tonight: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, King’s League: Odyssey and more!

Don’t you just hate it when there are so many amazing new iOS games coming to the App Store all on the very same night that you can’t possibly decide which one that you’re going to play first? Sure, you can certainly download them all at the very same time, but you’ll still be forced to choose one and only one to start with (unless of course you find some way to play three different iPads all at once, which in that case, the more power to you!).

Well this always difficult decision couldn’t apply more to tonight’s amazing batch of brand new mobile games: from a magical adventure that rivals even Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda console games, to a highly-refined monster collecting RPG, to a mobile port of one of the most popular strategy Flash games that we’ve seen in recent years. There’s no doubt that you’ll want to be buying them all, but which one of these games will you be booting up first tonight? Be sure to let us know in the replies!

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas – The first time I got a chance to see this breathtaking game in action, my immediate thoughts were: “How did this beautiful Wii U game get onto my iPad?” Because that’s how insanely good the graphics are in the long-awaited Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas from FDG Entertainment, that it could easily be something you would find on Nintendo’s next-gen home console. The gameplay itself pays tribute to Nintendo’s own The Legend of Zelda series, and specifically The Wind Waker, from the character designs, to the dungeon layouts, to exploring the vast seas on your tiny wooden vessel. By the time this 10+ hour adventure finally comes to a close, you’ll wonder how the whole magnificent thing managed to fit onto your iPad as well!

King’s League: Odyssey – An iOS port of the insanely popular strategy Flash game, King’s League: Odyssey is gearing up to bring its unique blend of medieval-themed battle and conquest to the realm of your touchscreen device tonight. In the game, players will earn their keep and become the most trusted warriors in the kingdom as they collect 46 different unit classes, lay siege on enemy towns while preventing their foes from doing the same, and even face off against a brand new endgame boss that is exclusive to the mobile version of the game. With several dungeons, the challenging Battlethon mode, and smooth 2D character designs and animations galore, will you be able to gather the resources and the skill needed in order to prevail before the crown of His Majesty?

Hunter Island – We’ve seen our fair share of monster collecting games over the years that try to recreate the magic of the Pokémon formula on mobile devices; but admittedly, most of them just aren’t all that good. Well now Hunter Island might be the game to break that vicious cycle tonight, as the epic monster hunting quest from the makers of the critically acclaimed mobile RPG Dragon Island Blue is bringing a sense of impeccable style with engrossing gameplay to match. Boasting a massive 60-hour single-player campaign, and over 300 different monsters to catch, combine, and evolve, Hunter Island is sure to bring new meaning to the phrase “gotta hunt ’em all” tonight!

EPOCH 2 – When the lines between hardcore gaming experiences and the budding mobile platform officially began to blur around 2011 or so, the robot-themed EPOCH from Uppercut Games was one of the first games to enter the changing mobile plateau with console-quality graphics in tow. Well now a few years later and dozens of improvements to what mobile game developers are able to achieve on the platform, EPOCH 2 is officially here to continue the epic saga of the post-apocalyptic world of fighting robots. With stunning visuals, a story and setting that bleeds of the dark desecration of a future world, and new gameplay elements including weapons, abilities, and items, maybe it won’t be long now until the robots themselves start developing some AAA mobile games of their own.

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