New iOS Games Tonight: Little Inferno, Pixel People and more!

It’s getting hot in here.  Did someone leave the furnace on again?  OH WAIT – that’s just all of the hot games that are dropping on iOS tonight!  And we’re not just talking Little Inferno, either.

That’s right folks, it’s another Wednesday, and so it’s time for another onslaught of Wednesday night releases.  There will be dozens upon dozens of games vying for your attention when you wake up tomorrow morning.  Here are the four we’d recommend giving a closer look. 

Little Inferno

Have you ever wanted to throw toys in the fireplace just too watch them burn?  No?  Well then I guess you’re not one of the psychopaths currently employed at the Tomorrow Corporation.  Their weird indie title made a splash late last year on both the PC and Wii U, and as of tonight, it’ll be popping up in the App Store as well.

Pixel People

Who said that rebuilding human society after Earth has been destroyed couldn’t be cute as a button?  Tonight’s release of Pixel People is set to explore the the world of cloning and space life in as pixel-y a style as possible – but I’ll bet you guessed that second part from the name.

Puzzle Retreat

Looking for a classically challenging puzzle game with some unique gameplay mechanics?  Puzzle Retreat looks like it might just fit the bill.  Players will just need to push blocks into holes to complete stages; but when was a good puzzle game ever as easy as its description?

Table Top Racing

If you’re in your early 30’s, there’s a really good chance that you have fond memories of playing Micro Machines on the NES.  Table Top Racing looks to channel the spirit of that game, but with a dash of modern charm.

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