New iOS Games Tonight: Flashout 3D, Writer Rumble and more!

It’s Wednesday!!  It’s Wednesday!!  And we all know what that means, right?  GARBAGE DAY!  Oh wait… maybe that’s just in my neighbourhood.

What happens on Wednesdays for everybody though – at least on Wednesday nights – is an onslaught of top shelf iOS games hitting the App Store.  This Wednesday is no different with a Wipeout-inspired racer, the debut of Gamefly’s iOS publishing wing, and some calligraphy fun topping our picks. 

Did we miss any of tonight’s highlights that you were looking forward to?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Flashout 3D – Considering how amazing portable versions of Wipeout were on the PSP (Wipeout Pure, I’m looking at you), I’ve been downright flabbergasted that nobody has tried to repeat the formula on iOS yet. Thankfully the folks behind Suspect in Sight are happy to oblige. Jujubee’s sophomore debut should be launching (at high speeds down a futuristic race course) later tonight.

Writer Rumble – You might know Gamefly best as “that game rental company my kid always forgets to mail the discs back to,” but as of tonight, they’re also going to be an iOS publisher!  Writer Rumble looks to mix Boggle-style word fun with an enemy-based challenge.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this one spells F-U-N.

Team Awesome – If there’s one thing your life is sorely lacking in, it’s superheroes.  Team Awesome wants to bring you a whole team of them, as you smash your way through obstacles for as long as you possibly can.  Think less endless runner, and more endless crash-into-stuffer.

Zen Shapes – If it’s been a while since you’ve played Pipe Dreams, maybe it’s time to try out a new calligraphy-based twist on the formula.  A little path-puzzling can go a long way to helping you find your inner zen master.

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