New iOS Games Tonight: Die Hard, Sela the Space Pirate and more!

Another Wednesday, another truckload of new iOS games. It happens like clockwork, as though the App Store is a sentient being that understands and sympathizes with the shared human disdain for the middle of the work week. Or at least that’s how I look at it. I like making everything creepier than it needs to be.

In any case, this week’s haul is a pretty solid one. There’s a game where you can kick cute cats without fear of actually harming them, a game where you can roleplay as John McClane’s son, and a couple of games that take place in outer space. What more could you possibly want, greedypants?

Hackycat -I haven’t had any interest in hacky sack since high school, but this game may very well change that. It replaces the drab, commonplace sack with a variety of colorful cats, and even lets you play as a headband-sporting wolf. Both of these things seem like excellent—if a little crazy—additions to the classic game, and I’ll be surprised if they don’t influence how we all play it in real life.


Die Hard – Games based on movies have a history of being, to put it bluntly, bad. But that’s certainly no reason to write off Die Hard, and in fact the screenshots shown so far (like the one directly above!) look pretty promising. I have a feeling it won’t actually be hard to die, though, since it’s an action-packed endless runner.

Sela the Space Pirate – It may reside in the crowded shoot ’em up genre, but Sela the Space Pirate seems like it will have more than enough personality and visual panache to stand out from the flock.


Lego Galaxy Squad Bug Battle – If you love 2D space shooters (who doesn’t?!) and Lego (who doesn’t?!), Lego Galaxy Squad Bug Battle will most definitely be of interest to you. It’s also going to be free, which seems like a pretty affordable price.

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