New games from Zynga and Playfish on the way

New games popping up on Facebook are nothing new, new games from the platform’s biggest developers are always reason to stand up and take notice. Zynga and Playfish both have new games in the works that are nearly ready for the masses, and we have the details.

While Zynga is probably best known for FarmVille, their first game was a little smash hit called Texas Hold’em Poker. Weighing in at 28 million users and currently holding the #7 spot on Facebook’s most popular applications, clearly it’s a game of poker done right. But what about poker done simple?

Poker Blitz will be, as Zynga Casino General Manager Har ‘Sim’ Mimran describes it, a “poker game for the masses.” Mimran gave Libe Goad of the details;

“Poker Blitz will be much easier to play than the Texas Hold’Em game and will allow anyone to start playing within 30 seconds. If you’re new to poker, the game will hold your hand while you learn how to play. Much like PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz,which Sim says was a big inspiration for the game, the poker rounds will be timed and players will be able to use power-ups that will, for instance, let players swap cards with their opponents. There will also be some kind of team aspect to the game, though the details on that are still a little fuzzy.”

Playfish is cashing in their chips for a stay at a luxury hotel in the upcoming hotel management sim Hotel City, where you’ll try and turn a small time operation into a five star accomodation. The game’s official description promises “more customization options than ever before.” Coming from the people behind the overwhelming expansive Pet Society, that’s a pretty bold statement.

While neither game has an official release date, the rumor mill suggests that both Poker Blitz and Hotel City might be launching sometime this week (possibly as early as today). Be sure to set an alert on their official Gamezebo pages to know when these new games are open for business!

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