New Facebook Games: Wonder Island from Gamenauts and MegaCorp, Inc by Large Animal

The Facebook games keep on coming, and now, from some of our personal favorite indie game companies from the Download space.

Gamenauts, makers of Cate West and Burger Rush, has just released their new Facebook game, Wonder Island. Wonder Island is the Reese Peanut Butter cup of Facebook games, mixing a farming game with cooking (very cool idea).

Large Animal Games, creators of Saint and Sinner’s Bingo and Snapshot Adventures, have also released an extreme beta of their new Facebook game, MegaCorp, Inc, which can best be described (in my words) as The Office meets Facebook.

Both games are in what I like to call, early extreme mode so if you click to play, note that this just the beginning. Expect a lot of changes, features, and a lot more game play to be added over the upcoming weeks, some of it based on your feedback.

Having said that, this is your change now to be among the first to play Wonder Island and MegaCorp, Inc. and offer early support to these two independent developers taking on the Wild West of Facebook games. Our quick previews with more information such as screen shots are coming soon so be sure to set alerts.

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