New Facebook Games: Miracle Garden and Rescue Party

These new games on Facebook are on our radar to be previewed, reviewed and covered.

In the meantime, be among the first to check them out and play them in beta now.

  • Miracle Garden – Remember those commercials on TV for Miracle Grow where you put the magic fertilizer on your lawn and it grows? Well, now that I am older, I know that was probably pesticide and this game has absolutely nothing to do with it. Miracle Garden is a new garden simulation game on Facebook that is starting to grow in usage by IGG.
  • Rescue Party – Rescue Party is a new farming game but with the twist that it’s in space and you get to rescue animals along the way. This…could be serious (extra points if you can figure out my obscure reference to a kids show on TV with that last line…)

Be sure to set an alert on each game to be notified when our previews, reviews, and game guides are posted.

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