New event in Marvel: War of Heroes throws Deadpool into the mix

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Deadpool, everyone’s favorite fourth-wall breaking antihero, talking up a storm in Marvel: War of Heroes. Seriously, does that guy ever shut up?

Deadpool is a pivotal character in the game’s latest raid boss event. Called Deadpool’s Boot Camp, it sees the Merc with a Mouth training various SHIELD members in what is sure to be a rigorous – yet equally absurd – regimen. Perhaps he’ll educate them in the ways of the assassin, or better yet, maybe he’ll teach them languages like German and Japanese. It’s kind of hard to tell with that guy.

Those who participate in the event stand to earn four new characters, as well as a profound sense of pride in surviving a boot camp run by someone as crazy as Deadpool. Both of these rewards are equally awesome, as far as I’m concerned.

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Deadpool’s Boot Camp is available from now until April 30. If you’re smart, you won’t leave Deadpool waiting.

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