New Dungeons, Heroes, Prizes, and More in the Seven Knights 2 300 Days Carnival Event


If the mobile gaming world has taught us anything, it’s that there’s always a reason to celebrate. 

In the case of Seven Knights 2, the popular RPG sequel from Netmarble, that reason is 300 days of global service.

Netmarble is running a host of events to mark the occasion, as well as releasing a massive content update. The latest version of the game adds new PvP content, a new raid dungeon, and three new heroes: Teo, Kagura, and Ruri. 

Vanquisher of Evil Teo is a Universal class, Legendary+ grade hero, which makes him an absolute must-have unit in every conceivable scenario. 

Teo is the star of the show in terms of the new additions, taking center stage in the latest chapter of Season 2. Named Advent, this new scenario sees main antagonist Orochi about to descend on the Mist Isle, her veins all pumped with dragon blood. Only Teo can stop her.

Sealed Shaman Kagura, meanwhile, is a Support-class Legendary character, and Sharpshooter Ruri, is a Ranged Legendary. You can pick her up at the 300 Days Carnival Event. 

Aside from the Advent scenario, there’s also a brand new Raid Dungeon called Infernal Lands. This dungeon lets you pick up Sun Stone, which you can use to summon Legendary+ equipment. 

And there’s a new PvP mode called Tag Match, which involves multiple teams and requires different strategies for the battle. Players can even choose specific heroes and pets to be included or excluded for entire seasons. 

Three different events are set to take place from August 17th. The 300 Days Carnival Event lasts right through until November 9th, and lets you claim a Sharpshooter Ruri and two Legendary+ Hero selection tickets. 

The check-in event lasts until September 7th. All you need to do for this one is show up for two weeks.. In return you’ll win a Rare+ Noho Pet. 

Finally, the Summer Tube Craft Event ends on August 31st. It lets you take part in Field Exploration in order to win Summer Tube Irin Coin and Richel Coin. 

If that’s what Seven Knights 2 is doing for 300 days, we can’t imagine what’s going to happen on its birthday. 

To join in the fun, download Seven Knights 2 for free right now on Google Play or the App Store.

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