New batch of games announced for OUYA

By Joe Jasko |

The highly anticipated release of android-based gaming console OUYA is almost upon us, with the first batch of units shipping out to Kickstarter backers on March 28, and the full commercial release still on track for June. And what better way to celebrate this news than by announcing a whole new batch of games that you’ll be able to play once you get your hands on the console?

First up, we have an exclusive new OUYA title by Kim Swift and Airtight Games, who brought us the Portal-esque first-person puzzler Quantum Conundrum last summer (she also worked on Portal!). There’s also a fun new adventure puzzler from Papo & Yo developer Minority Media that’s set for an OUYA release this the fall. Tripwire Interactive is bringing a FPS puzzle game called The Ball that’s in the vein of shooters like Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2, in addition to a second OUYA-exclusive title. As if that wasn’t enough to entice you, the OUYA team is also working with nWay to bring their action-RPG game ChronoBlade to the OUYA big screen.

But wait, that’s not all! Yup, we’ve possibly saved the best news for last, as Kellee Santiago has joined the OUYA team to lead developer relations. You might know Santiago as the co-founder of thatgamecompany, which brought us a little indie game called Journey last year. Santiago is excited about what she can bring to the OUYA table, and says: “This is the first console company that really understands how important it is to remove the barriers of development. By freeing up the development process, OUYA is opening up new doors in console gaming.”

That sounds good to me. Will you be picking up an OUYA over the next several months? Be sure to let us know in the replies!

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