NetEase’s Creative Destruction Gets New Rewards and Content to Celebrate its Second Anniversary

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Believe it or not, Creative Destruction – NetEase’s highly acclaimed take on the battle royale genre – is two years old. Time sure flies when you’re killing virtual enemies on a shrinking island.

Like Fortnite, PUBG, and other popular battle royale games, Creative Destruction sees you skydiving onto a huge, 16km landmass and battling it out with up to 99 other players. 

This island is littered with powerful guns to find, but your most important weapon of all is arguably your Destructor. This innovative firearm lets you harvest elements from your environment and repurpose them into building material. A clever workshop system gives you access to all sorts of structures that can give you an edge in battle. 

It’s a killer twist on the battle royale formula, with construction adding a rich new dimension to the combat. 

Creative Destruction is great in other ways, too, with colorful cartoon graphics, a diverse array of environments, 13 resort areas, a day/night cycle, and dynamic weather effects, all of which ensures that every round is a unique experience.  

Second Year Full of Innovation

And now the game is two. To mark the occasion, NetEase is rolling out all sorts of celebratory goodies, including Cake Airdrops, Make-A-Wish, Limited Edition Skins, and much, much more. The latest season will drop a week later, too, so it’s all go in the world of Creative Destruction. 

The anniversary itself falls on June the 18th – i.e. this Thursday. Cake Airdrops will take place when the second signal area of each game is refreshed, and, as with a real cake, you’ll need a flamethrower or a napalm bomb to light the candle. This opens the cake and reveals the delicious rewards within. 

Make-A-Wish, meanwhile, lets you complete tasks to gain energy that you can spend on nine different classic looks, including Ice Queen, Bunny Girl, Prismatic Power, Silver Assassin, and more. If you’re not happy with your choice, you can remake your wish three times.

The anniversary event also sees the return of several popular heroes from previous seasons – specifically, seasons 3-9. You can get heavy discounts on these looks by participating in the return event, while a Top-up Rebate Event allows you to claim anniversary-limited looks like Buster when you top-up. 

Think we’re done? Not even close. Other anniversary-exclusive benefits include rewards for sharing your recall code with your erstwhile in-game buddies. For every friend who answers your battle cry you’ll earn a reward, with five available in total. Plus, your returning friends will earn rewards too. It’s literally win-win.

Season 11 Adds New Weapon Choices and Pet Battle System

All then there’s the new season. Starting on June the 25th, Season 11 brings a host of new content to the game, including the M82A3 Heavy Sniper Rifle, which is only available through airdrops. The M82A3 is an absolute beast that uses large caliber panel-penetrating rounds and comes with a scope that lets you see through walls. Fear it.

In addition, NetEase is encouraging players to organise their own Community eSports Tournaments throughout the Anniversary event. If you pull it off, by meeting the official requirements in terms of participant numbers and so on, you’ll get not only a tournament prize but additional diamonds and cash for your troubles. 

Plus, Season 11 heralds the arrival of a new Pet Battle System, allowing you to bring your pets onto the battlefield to give you an edge over your enemies. Each pet has its own unique combat talents, and you can even enhance these by obtaining pet desserts during battle. 

This is all happening in the next couple of weeks, so we suggest that you download Creative Destruction right now to avoid falling behind or missing out. You can find it on Google Play and the App Store for free by clicking here.

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